4 of the Best Antique Furniture Sources


When I think about what draws me to a room, it’s so often times a statement piece that I just know must have a story behind it. It’s filled with character and a past and grounds the room. Whether it’s an antique chandelier, a bow front chest of drawers or a moody oil painting, it sparks something. Today’s blog is dedicated to the people and places that make collecting those special pieces more feasible and accessible. And to honoring your mission to savor and decorate with timeless, unique treasures.
It was no surprise that when I asked you all the best places to find antique furniture, responses came flooding in. Antiques are something we can all appreciate and whether you keep a small collection to add here and there or have primarily decorated your home with antiques, each piece is chosen with purposes and thoughtfulness. The following four companies not only have a high-quality, unique selection, but they also SHIP. So no matter where you live, you can embark on your own hunt for just the right piece to layer into your home’s story.
1. Lily’s Vintage Finds | SHOP Instagram
This one was shared by so many of you! While relatively new, it’s drawn a quick audience for its unique, large selection. Based in Houston, TX but offer shipping nationwide. It was a new find for me, and I’m excited to follow along to see all the treasures they release.
2. Winston Collection | SHOP Instagram
I’ve always admired Winston Collection and the consistent, practical pieces they offer. If you’re decorating a nursery or kids room, I highly recommend checking out their selection of dressers, nightstands and headboards. They offer laquering on faux bamboo pieces which make for some of the sweetest statement pieces. Based in Winston Salem, NC and ship nationwide.
3. Found Birmingham | SHOP Instagram | SHOP Website
If you are on the hunt for old English and French antiques, look no further. This one was also shared by many of you and for good reason. They offer timeless staples that will fill your home with warmth and character. I’ll be following Found Birmingham closely for a few of my own upcoming projects.
4. Jessica Lev Antiques | SHOP Instagram
Also based in Houston, TX (road-trip??), Jessica Lev has built a business that has well-respected designers attention. She offers custom antique sourcing and her pieces do not disappoint. As I scroll some of my favorite designers, I so often see Jessica Lev Antiques tagged. Whether you’re a designer or designing your own home, Jessica is a great resource for finding just the right piece.

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