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Before & After: From ordinary to bespoke

If you’ve been around Garden & Grace on Instagram for some time, you know how much C. Brandon Ingram Design’s work inspires me. He is based in Atlanta, GA and has a way of mastering unexpected details and making spaces feel like they’ve always been there.

This ranch home was renovated to feel unique and updated while still keeping the appropriate scale for the neighborhood. There is nothing lacking in this 2500 square foot home reimagined for empty nesters downsizing from a 5000 square foot home. Let’s take a look inside!

Interior design is by Mallory Mathison and all images are by Jeff Herr Photography

This renovation is a prime example of Brandon’s work, and I love the way he took a simple ranch and turned it into a unique presentation of Southern architecture that honors the style and scale of the homes in the neighborhood. 

Before & After: From ordinary to bespoke

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