It’s all in the details


Photo By: Hillary T Interiors
We’ve all heard the phrase. But what does it really mean? In this post we’ll explore from window treatments to exteriors what refined and thoughtful details look like and how they make a difference.
First up — window treatments. There are a million and one ways to design drapery, and we probably all have our go-to. I’ll share some of my favorites from pinch pleat to French return and everything in between.
Design & Photo By: Haddy House Interiors
Design & Photo By: Jennifer Barron Interiors
One of the best ways to add texture and warmth to a room is by adding bamboo blinds. I also love plantation shutters in bedrooms to let natural light in without compromising privacy.
When designing window treatments, consider what else is going on in the room such as wall coverings, rugs and paint color. Sometimes a solid color with trim is exactly what you need to compliment the room. While other times, it’s the window treatments that really pull the whole room together and add a focal point.
Wallpaper is back and better than ever. But don’t discount wall coverings which add a layer of interest and fabric to really make your room pop.
A custom lamp shade and light wall plate are two details that will make any home feel more custom and elevated.
Design & Photo By: Lisa M Henderson
Where to begin? From fixture selections to cabinetry design to tile patterns, details can make a big splash in bathrooms. So whether it’s a powder room for your guests or darling details for a child’s bathroom, these are great spaces to get creative and stretch your design style.
Coffee table books, florals, vases and frames create layers, dimension and texture that makes a piece of furniture feel part of the home.
Design BY: Lauren E Laine Interiors
Photo By: Emily Followill Photographer
Personalization on bedding is one of my favorite ways to add sophistication to a room. The details on the stitching will create a beautiful reminder of your love and care for your home. I also think it’s a great place to introduce soft patterns!
Chippendale railing, antique brass door knobs and haint blue porch ceilings are guaranteed to elevate a home’s curb appeal and charm.
Design BY: Catherine Sloan Architect
Photo By: Reed Brown Photo
Design & Photo BY: Bellwether Landscape Architects
Have you ever had a piece of art that you just fell in love with? It’s likely that from a far the art drew you in and sparked an emotional reaction. But isn’t it when you stepped closer and studied the details, you truly fell in love with it?
It’s the same for a home! The big picture matters and draws you in but it’s the details that make you fall in love with it. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a home or planning your dream home, design it with a special attention to detail and you’ll quickly fall in love with your home created just for you.
Design By: Allison Elebash Interiors
Photo By: Julie Lynn Photography

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