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Southern Elegance – Tips for Getting the Details Right

James Carter was the architect behind a recent listing featured on Garden & Grace here and here. It’s no surprise the home sold quickly and for over asking. I’ve curated some of my other favorite exteriors from James Carter that I can’t stop studying. Scroll to the end to see some intricate details he includes in his designs that really make them stand out. 

All images are from James Carter Architect website

I love the transition from the concrete to pea gravel and how the brown pea gravel plays off the color of the German schmear brick.

How INCREDIBLE is this entrance. It opens into a courtyard porch for greeting guests. There are so many details in just this one photo!

Here is that same idea again on a different home. I also love the transom windows above the doors to still allow light in even if the doors are closed. And there’s more! If you look closely at the image of the doors open, you can see latches where only the top of the door swings. How thoughtful is to have a dutch door here!

I want to pause of the porch image below. Notice how the tops of the columns are larger than the width of the molding. This is architecturally correct which leaves a small landing spot at the top. It’s hard to see but a thin layer of copper is added to the top of the column. There’s also the same copper detail at the bottom connecting the porch to the column.

I’ve heard the thin layer at the top helps prevent birds from perching or nesting, but I’m not sure the use for it at the bottom of the column. If you’re building or renovating, this would be a great detail to ask your architect and builder about. 

I’m inspired by the way James Carter uses clay pots and boxwoods in many of his designs. I’ll be adding four in my front sitting area and hope to either fill them with boxwoods or seasonal flowers. 

These exteriors stretch my imagination and give me new ideas for creating graceful, southern curb-appeal. I hope they do the same for you. Thanks for stopping by and head over to the recent listing featured on Garden & Grace updated by James Carter!

Southern Elegance – Tips for Getting the Details Right

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